“Faded Rose”
by David Stewart

“Faded Rose” as we call her was discovered in Tyler, Texas by Alex McCommas
in 2006.  She had been in a dirt floor garage since l960 in a state of some
disassembly, several parts missing and had been abused for some time previous
to 1960.  Alex turned her over to David Stewart, restorer, and Nelson Bates, a
Packard owner, researcher and general expert.  We undertook the project to
bring “The Faded Rose” back to her former glory.

With considerable work and great expense, we have succeeded.  “Faded Rose”
is a 1927 Packard that started life as a four-door sedan but was converted to
winch truck service during the East Texas Oil Boom of the 1930’s.  “Faded Rose”
was displayed at the Salado Packard Meet in April 2008 and won multiple
awards.  “Faded Rose” is a Classic according to CCCA and of course a Packard.
The History of Faded Rose
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